inner space playlist for 28.11.1999.

Subject: inner space playlist for 28.11.1999.
From: Vladimir Jovanovic (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 16:21:00 EST

Inner Space - a weekly radio program
for beatless minimalistic ambient / dark ambient / space,
experimental, noise, electroacoustic, musique concrete,
field recordings, sound art and
similar kinds of droning and drifting music.
Broadcasting from 18-20h sundays
on 100,5 FM Radio Student in Zagreb, Croatia.

Tonight on Inner Space, an hour long portrait
of Andrea Marutti and his substantial body of work,
including dark ambient projects Never Known and Amon,
featuring his latest album The Legacy;
staying on similar ground with Hollow Earth, Main and Inanna.

Playlist for 28.11.1999.

Never known - Father and son

(from Once in a lifetime - CDR by AFE Records)

            - In the distance

(from Dawn of an era - CDR by AFE Records)

            - Angkor vat

(from Twilights last gleaming - Eibon Records)

Amon - Mopula

(from Amon - Murder Release)

     - Sandstones

     - The legacy III: Domes / colonies

     - The legacy IV: Exit light

(from The legacy - Eibon Records)

Main - XIII

(from Firmament III - Beggars Banquet)

Inanna - A.z. 3

(from Not-hing - Dark Vinyl Records)

Hollow earth - Probe

(from Dog days of the holocaust - Crowd Control Activities / Malsonus)

Vladimir Jovanovic
host of Inner Space

for info about airplay,
please write to:

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