Re: Russian EA/CM

Subject: Re: Russian EA/CM
From: Julia Dmitrioukova (
Date: Sat Nov 27 1999 - 04:59:27 EST

JPS> I would be deligthed if you could point me in the correct direction toward learning more about
JPS> electroacoustic music in your country.

Several informational sources about electroacoustic music in Russia:

1. Historical notes and information about composers at the website of
The Theremin Center for Electro-Acoustic music (builded at the Moscow
State Conservatiry):
2. Three CDs are available from Electroshock Records:
3.three articles: A.Kisselev The Association for Electroacoustic Music // «LEONARDO», vol. 27, ¹5, 1994.
 Smirnov A. Theremin Center for Electro-Acoustic Music /studio report/ // Proceedings of the ICMC'94, Denmark.
 Smirnov A. The Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music // «LEONARDO», vol. 6, MIT Press, 1996.
4. The collection of articles "Electronic Music in Russia" is going to
be published by Harwood Academic Publishers ( I can not announce an
exact date of publishing, unfortunately). It will be also accompanied
with a CD.

Best regards,
Julia Dmitrioukova

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