EAM concert in Moscow

Subject: EAM concert in Moscow
From: Julia Dmitrioukova (bach@cityline.ru)
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 20:21:20 EST

Russian Association for Electro-Acoustic Music (founded in 1990), member of ICEM and
Russian Union Of Composers, announces the concert program of
electro-acoustic works by Russian composers at the festival "Moscow
November 27, 1999. 19:00
House Of Composers. 8/10 Bryusov per., Moscow.
Free entrance.

Taras Buyevsky "Step into The Silence"
Elena Gantchikova "Andrey Voznessensky. "Goya. World in Black" for
Julia Dmitrioukova. "CUORDE" for cello and tape
Anatoly Kisselev "LES CHANSONS DU ROYAUmE SOUS-MARIN" for tape and
Vladimir Komarov "Eclipse 99" for tape
Stanislav Kreitchi "Birth Of A Vertical" for tape and dancer
Alexander Nemtin "Voice" for tape.
Anton Rovner "Precision" for violin & tape.
Gleb Sedelnikov "Primary свершение" on the Chinese "The Book Of
Changes" for female vocal and declamation.
Artem Vassiliev "Pre-lute" for tape.

Additional info about Russian electroacoustic composers and their works: mailto:bach@cityline.ru

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