Re: May 9 concert

Subject: Re: May 9 concert
From: Barry Truax (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 01:18:30 EST

   Leigh Landy's plans to bring me to Leicester in May are moving along,
and he may ask you to be a referee for his application for funding.
   As for your May 9 concert - which is where we left off as I recall - I
can suggest, say two shorter soundscape compositions which haven't been
heard in the U.K., both in 8-channel format:
   Pendlerdrom (1997) 12' - this is the soundscape piece based on
the Copenhagen Train Station which has become quite popular for the
realism of the environmental simulation etc. (i.e. it's quite good for
listeners relatively new to this genre)
   Basilica (1992) 12' - the stereo version of this piece (based on the
beels of Notre Dame de Quebec) appeared on my Song of Songs CD, but I'm
preparing a new octophonic version which I think should be quite

   There's also the Sequence of Earlier Heaven (1998) which was conceived
octophonically. It was performed at Huddersfield last year.
   All the best.
website: (for information on all of the above)

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