Rainer Buerck wins 1st prize for Flautando

Subject: Rainer Buerck wins 1st prize for Flautando
From: John Oliver (oliver@earsay.com)
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 00:18:34 EST

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EARSAY is pleased to announce composer RAINER BUERCK'S FIRST PRIZE at
the International Electroacoustic Music Competition MUSICA NOVA '99 in
the category 'compositions for acoustic instrument/voice/ensemble plus
electroacoustic media' for his composition 'FLAUTANDO' for flute and
interactive computer system.

FLAUTANDO is available on Rainer Buerck's earsay CD titled Without Fear
and can be purchased from the earsay SOUNDSHOP
(http://earsay.com/Pages/sections/soundshop/soundshop.html). The CD also
features Buerck's stunning STRINGendo for violin and computer system,
and other works for solo tape. You can listen to MP3 excerpts of all
tracks on the CD at the SOUNDSHOP.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to Francis Dhomont for
his First Prize in the tape music category.

Press release follows.

[francais...veuillez éxcuser les fautes d'ortho...]

earsay a le plaisir d'annoncer que le compositeur RAINER BUERCK a gagné
le premier prix du concours internationale MUSICA NOVA '99 dans la
categorie de musique pour instrument/voix/ensemble plus média
electroacoustique pour sa composition FLAUTANDO.

FLAUTANDO est disponible sur le disque earsay de Rainer Beurck intituler
WITHOUT FEAR. On peut l'obtenir sur le site earsay, à la page SOUNDSHOP
(http://earsay.com/Pages/sections/soundshop/soundshop.html). On retrouve
également sur le meme disque l'oeuvre épatant STRINGendo pour violon et
systeme interactif, ainsi que des oeuvres pour bande seule. Vous pouvez
écouter les extraits de tout les pistes ('tracks') au SOUNDSHOP.

Nos félicitations également à Francis Dhomont pour le premier prix dans
la catégorie musique pour bande.

L'annonce suit.

|_|_| John Oliver |_|_| oliver@earsay.com
|_|_| earsay productions |_|_| http://earsay.com

> *********************************************************
> Society for Electroacoustic Music
> Foundation Czech Music Fund
> Foundation OSA
> International Electroacoustic Music Competition
> JURY: Lenka Dohnalova,Juraj Duris,Marta Jirackova,Miroslav Kaduch,Alois
> Pinos,Rudolf Ruzicka
> 69 pieces were considered from 22 countries
> Category A (compositions of autonomous art electroacoustic music)
> First Prize: Francis Dhomont (Canada) Les moirures du temps
> Second Prize: James Dashow (U.S.A.) ...at other times,the distances
> Honorary Mention: Amnon Y. Wolman (U.S.A.) Slow down
> Category B (compositions for acoustic instrument/voice/ensemble plus
> electroacoustic media)
> First Prize: Rainer Burck (Germany) Flautando
> Second Prize: Fabio Gorodski (Brazil) Ficciones
> Honorary Mention: Cyril Kastellikian (France) Connivence
> Special Prize for Composition by a Woman: Annamaria Federici (Italy)
> Tempi Persi
> Special Prize for Czech Composition: Michal Kosut Concertino
> Special Prize for Composition by a Young Composer: Fabio Gorodski
> Ficciones
> Decision of the jury is final
> Lenka Dohnalova Rudolf Ruzicka
> Secretary of the Competition Chairman of the Jury
> MUSICA NOVA '99 - SEAH, Radlicka 99, 150 00 Praha 5, CZECH REPUBLIC
> http://www.cibulka.cz/musnova/compet.htm
> Praha - Prague, November 21, 1999
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