Re: re protools question

Subject: Re: re protools question
From: Garth Paine (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 16:50:30 EST

>I think you'll find that the problem isn't even computer-dependent; it's
>worse than that! Move the contents of an "audio" drive to another and then
>back again (this was my way of defragmenting when I didnt trust the current
>version of SpeedTools!) and you'll find that Pro Tools has the same problem,
>even though the "pathname" hasn't changed. I suspect that PT has its own
>"clever" method of keeping track of files.

My understanding is that PT keeps a note of the block on the HD where
the files starts and ends - or of course the fragments of the file,
hence the process outlines above will create new directory listings
for the file because they are contiguous and because they are now in
different places on the disk. But if the folder hierarchy is intact,
then you can just use the "Find All", or "Select All" or what ever
the actual text is - button to select all files within that directory.



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