An invitation

Subject: An invitation
From: Joel Chadabe (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 12:54:46 EST

Dear CEC Colleagues,

There are some special things about to happen at Electronic Music
Foundation, which prompts this message. If you're not already an EMF
Subscriber, I'd like to invite you to become one. This would be a
very good time for you to do it.

Next week, we'll be contacting our Subscribers to invite proposals
for performances at Engine 27, a new performance space in New York
City that is optimized for electronic music and media arts with a
multi-channel state-of-the-art spatialization system. And we'll be
announcing our plans for a major electronic music festival at Engine
27 during the 2000-2001 concert season.

We'll also be making special offers to Subscribers in professional
software (GRM Tools TDM version, Steinberg's complete line,
Arboretum's complete line) and other items (Big Briar theremins,
Moogerfoogers) available through CDeMUSIC. You might save more in one
transaction that we're asking you to contribute.

We'll also be announcing our plans for The EMF Institute, a museum of
electronic music and art, for which we'd like to invite your support.

In short, by making a once-in-a-lifetime contribution of $100, you'll
support our projects and at the same time become a part of our
professional circle. You'll have an inside track to information
regarding programming opportunities. You'll always have discounts,
sometimes exceptional price breaks, sometimes offers of gifts. We'll
promote your activities in The EMF / Leonardo Guide to the World,
sell your compact discs, help you with a website, keep you posted as
to jobs, grants, and other professional opportunities, and, in
general, support you professionally.

Have a look at:


And when you actually enroll as a Subscriber or Friend, we'll offer
you any CD from the EMF Media label as a gift. Choose from Iannis
Xenakis' electronic music, or the complete musical works of Pierre
Schaeffer, or the first recording of John Cage's BirdCage (due out
before Christmas), or any of several other CDs. To see a list of
current EMF Media CDs, go to:


... and click on EMF Media under Access on the left.

We accept credit cards (Mastercard, Visa). To sign up, call
(888)749-9998, fax (518)434-0308, or email with
your name, credit card number, and expiration date.

Or contact me at if you need any more information
or encouragement.




Joel Chadabe, President
Electronic Music Foundation

(518)434-4110 Voice
(518)434-0308 Fax

116 North Lake Avenue
Albany NY 12206


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