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Subject: Re: re protools question
From: Paul Rudy (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 12:30:23 EST

Jonathan Prager wrote:

>after the students have come to master the fundamentals of the Mac OS
>user interface with a simpler software like Peak. In fact, this is
>related to the way Denis Dufour teaches composition, the 1st-level
>students beginning with microphone recordings in stereo, and then editing
>them on the Mac in stereo (cut, copy, paste, transposition and all this
>stuff, in stereo). Mixing is teached later, when students learn how to make
>new sounds out of 2 superimposed, etc.

Exactly! It is easy to teach classic tape techniques using Sound Designer
(or any other two channel editor) rather than cutting and
splicing tape. This is not to say that cutting and splicing tape is
not appropriate. I did not grow up splicing tape, but recognize that
all of our current terminology and many of our techniques still date back to
that method of working. Using a wave editor is simply the tool I choose
rather than a reel-to-reel. After they have learned to mix, route signals
in a studio, patch, navigate the Mac OS, manage date files, create (record)
interesting sounds, and become familiar with an aesthetic which really
stretches their ears, then I think they are ready for Protools (which can be
introduced using something less complex like Soundmaker with multiple

The root of this discussion seems to have turned to pedagogy! Maybe this
list won't go eerily silent over the holidays this year......

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