War of the Worlds

Subject: War of the Worlds
From: Noah Drew (noah_drew@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 02:20:49 EST

War of the Worlds
we interrupt this programme ...

Rumble Productions
in collaboration with Studio 58

Written and Composed by Alex Ferguson and Peter Hannan

November 26 to December 5
The Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, Canada
181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie & Pacific)
Information: 662-3395
Tues - Sat, 8pm, $18, $15 concession
Reservations: 878-1728
Sundays 7pm
Sat matinee - Dec 4, 2pm
Free show - Sun, Nov 28
2-for-1 shows - Tues, Sat matinee

What do Brian Wilson, Hitchcock, Stalin, and Orson Welles' typist have
in common? Answer: Russian inventor, Leon Theremin. You know the
theremin - that eerie sound from 50's sci-fi flicks and the Beach Boys'
Good Vibrations.

Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, playwright and spoken-word
artist Alex Ferguson and composer Peter Hannan re-invent the creative
titans behind War of the Worlds - the radio event that rocked America!

War of the Worlds is a multi-media spectacle which explores the
circumstantial meeting of three characters: Russian inventor Leon
Theremin; creative visionary Orson Welles and Welles' typist (and
uncredited collaborator) Sylvia Breach. The play draws inspiration from
the history of radio: the utopian fervour of its beginnings, the
authority of its early to mid-century zenith, and especially young
Welles' prank that foreshadowed the loss of faith in the mass media.

The production features a cast of six - Hiro Kanagawa, Patrick Keating,
Kevin MacDonald, Paulo Ribeiro, Wendy Van Riesen and Jenny Young - who
are accompanied by the new music ensemble Standing Wave, vocalist
Jennifer Scott and composer Peter Hannan on theremin. The artistic team
includes Andreas Kahre (production design), John Webber (lighting),
Barbara Clayden (costumes), Noah Drew (foley) and Urban Visuals
(projections). War of the Worlds is directed by Norman Armour.

Rumble Productions is Vancouver's all terrain theatre vehicle. Rumble
spotlights the contradictions between public history and private
experience by creating theatre that crackles with wit and imagination.
Company founders Norman Armour and Chris Gerrard-Pinker strive to
produce experiential and thought-provoking work that investigates,
provokes and sometimes surrenders to the human condition.

PETER HANNAN, Composer - Peter is a composer and performer on recorder
and MIDI instruments. He has written numerous works in both acoustic
electronic media. His latest opera The Gang , with librettist Tom Cone,
premiered in Vancouver in June 1997, and was performed in Toronto in
January 1999. His works have been performed at many of the major new
music events in North America and Europe, and in numerous concert
broadcasts. He has a number of works on CD.

STANDING WAVE - Standing Wave is Francois Houle (clarinet), Peggy Lee
(cello), Lauri Lyster (percussion), Sheila McDonald (violin),
Witvoet (piano). Guest vocalist, JENNIFER SCOTT (who appeared as
featured vocalist in Peter Hannan's opera, The Gang).

One of the most dynamic voices in Vancouver's new music scene, Standing
Wave is a chamber ensemble dedicated to commissioning and performing
music from composers from Canada and abroad. The group's five members
perform a diverse and progressive repertoire with uncommon vitality,
combining a wealth of musical experiences from their various individual
activities within the worlds of classical music, free improvisation,
opera, and the blues. As an ensemble, Standing Wave is equally
comfortable playing complex chamber compositions, venturing into the
world of musique actuelle, and performing with electroacoustics. Their
first CD was released in February 1999.

Noah Drew
Actor, Writer, Director, Composer & Sound Designer

(604) 255 - 4594
#204-2224 Eton St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5L 1C8
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