Re: re protools question

Subject: Re: re protools question
From: John Young (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 19:28:05 EST

Mike wrote:

>So, to reiterate, make sure that when your students are importing
>audio into any ProTools session, that the audio is _not_ split stereo
>(ie: Filename.L, Filename.R).

Good idea, but it can lead to loss of disk space if the interleaved
versions are left.

But in K's case even transferring an entire folder seems inefficient (if
that's the case), since it might just consist of audio not used in the
session ... I think it's more a case of knowing where the stuff is located.
One could maybe make sure that files used in all sessions were stored in
one single folder - which would at least save looking in a bunch of
different folders after transfer, and save a bit of disk space if using the
same file in different sessions.

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