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Subject: Re: re protools question
From: Michael Norris (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 16:30:34 EST

> >Well yes, student error is certainly exacerbating the situation, but
> >the underlying
> >problem is that Protools sessions save information in a way that
> >is machine dependent, the result being that a session that works fine
> >on one machine cannot be transferred from that machine to another
> >without hassle - if students, inadvertently or by choice, have files
> >dotted all over, it can take a while to reorientate their session.
> >(and, yep - teaching navigation is a top priority handout here too,
> >but some folks just have no sense of direction!). Bah...I always
> >preferred Unix.

The underlying problem is this: When importing sound files, Protools
does _not_ make a copy of split stereo files into its "Audio Files"
folder. For all "interleaved" sound file formats, however, where the
left and right channels are imbedded in the same file, namely AIFF &
SDII (interleaved), it _does_ make a copy, simply because it has to
split them up to create new split stereo files in the Audio Files
folder (in order for the user to be able to treat left and right
channels independently).

So, Katherine, it's not a case of Protools 'saving information in a
way that is machine-dependent', it is merely that it doesn't
duplicate split stereo files into the Audio Files folder. Thus if you
copy the session, but some of the audio was imported as split stereo,
then you'll find you haven't copied all the audio across!

Now, the only thing you have to teach students is how to avoid
importing split stereo files. (Easier said than done, I know).

But the most common mistake is to import sounds from another session
by choosing 'Import Audio' and then burrowing into another session's
Audio Files folder. This is **bad**. Of course, as soon as that other
session is removed, then you've deleted your split stereo files from
your new session as well! What you should do, of course, is to
manually copy the audio you want from the source Audio Files folder,
to your own session's Audio Files folder.

So, to reiterate, make sure that when your students are importing
audio into any ProTools session, that the audio is _not_ split stereo
(ie: Filename.L, Filename.R).

If they abide by this law, all their sessions should transfer perfectly.


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