Re: re protools question

Subject: Re: re protools question
From: John Young (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 16:14:30 EST

I transfer PT sessions from one machine to another and have never had this
problem (mostly from PT 3.4 at home or 4.3 Powermix to TDM v. 4). If you
copy the session file, audio files and fade files folders together there
should be no problem ...

>>If I read your response correctly, it is about students not knowing
>>to navigate around the system?
>Well yes, student error is certainly exacerbating the situation, but
>the underlying
>problem is that Protools sessions save information in a way that
>is machine dependent, the result being that a session that works fine
>on one machine cannot be transferred from that machine to another
>without hassle - if students, inadvertently or by choice, have files
>dotted all over, it can take a while to reorientate their session.
>(and, yep - teaching navigation is a top priority handout here too,
>but some folks just have no sense of direction!). Bah...I always
>preferred Unix.
>Thanks, and thanks to all.

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