Re: Aesthetics of EM?

Subject: Re: Aesthetics of EM?
From: DC Mckinnon (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 08:19:32 EST

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Jeroen de Boer wrote:

> Dear All,
> Besides the books of Peter Manning and Paul Griffiths I'm unaware of
> other literature concerning the aesthetics of electronic music.


Try these:

Trevor Wishart - On Sonic Art
Simon Emmerson (ed.) - The Language of Electroacoustic Music
Denis Smalley - Spectromorphology: explaining sound-shapes (in Organised
Sound, Vol.2, no.2, 1997. See also the earlier version in The Lang. of
Electroacoustic Music).
              - The listening imagination: listening in the
electroacoustic era (in Companion to contemporary musical thought,

Try also various articles and interviews in the following journals:

Computer Music Journal (interviews with Luc Ferrari and Francois Bayle
are short but enlightening)
Contemporary Music Review
Organised Sound
Sonic Arts Network Journal

All quite "serious" stuff. As far as the aesthetics of "pop" electronica
goes I'm at a loss but would be interested to know if anyone alse can
recommend something...

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