8 / 16 channel breakout and ADAT

Subject: 8 / 16 channel breakout and ADAT
From: A.J. Moore (a.j.moore@sheffield.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 05:59:56 EST

problem...how to break out from (and into) an optical adat with good quality.
I am searching for opinions as to solutions and boxes if possible.
Out of a PC with a Pulsar /SCOPE card with ADAT outs...

1: Go directly from the optical to a real ADAT and then use the 8 outs of the
ADAT to supply the speakers / desk (the ADAT acts as a breakout box -
can it sit in bypass and just act as DtoAs ?)

2: Go to a specific breakout / in box - I know many by name but have no
experience of them and would appreciate some views (private or otherwise).

naturally, it would be nice to have 8 (16) balanced in's 8 (16) balanced outs
and an ADAT....the f word has to sit somewhere between all this: finance.

many thanks for your help.


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