Re: re protools question

Subject: Re: re protools question
Date: Sun Nov 21 1999 - 07:08:18 EST

Katharine continued ...

>Thanks to all those who suggest 'make sure the files are in the Audio
>Files folder' Yes - I know, thanks - stop now! But the problem is that
>a load of studio beginners with no sense of direction are likely to
>put or to use files in other places, which is what causes our
>problems. The general response suggests no answer .....other than
>bugging Digidesign.

If I read your response correctly, it is about students not knowing how
to navigate around the system? We have prepared poop-sheets for most
programs (and also begin by teaching navigation ... which is essential
when in a MacLab situation where [eg] the system is locked and students
must navigate to their partition to save anything).



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