Need a little Guidence

Subject: Need a little Guidence
From: dave solursh (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 19:42:23 EST

        Hi I have asked before for a bit O'help on this matter and after
looking and thinking I still need some help. I have been studying Music at
Concordia for 5and1/2 years now and focused on electroacoustics and sound.
My intererests have shifted and focused towards sound, soundscapes and how
it/they play/s a role in culture and affects us as humans. I have some
more focused ideas for application purposes but I don't want to send out a
huge e-mail. The WFAE has been a great place to start my reasearch, I am
now looking for some guided and more indepth (and accredited) study. I
will be finishing off my BFA this year (PLEASE!!!! O PLEASE!!!!) and want
to further my studies with this focus. I have looked into masters programs
outside of Canada, but sadly enough cannot afford the tuition of being a
forign student. I was also looking specificly at electroacoustic
composition. Since my focus has shifted a bit I think that I am looking at
doing a MA in communication.(Will a BFA qualify?)
        Could anyone with some info on Canadian Universities that might
have a program that would accomodate this course of study, please pass on
this info. I am looking at a few so far, but the endless web search (with
crappy bandwidth) is milking all the spare time I have between work and
study. If any of you are professors who run a program that is open to this
kind of study that doesn't exist yet but wants to begin, hay I'm here,
waving francticly!!!! (if ya got a studio with protools thats hook line
and sinker) =-)
        Any other info please, I'm at freak out point. Thankx to all of the
Profs that have helped so far, I so wanted to go to Scottland, but I'l be
eating haggas for 50 years untill I pay off that student loan =-) Dave.

        PS. if you think that there is a better list to ask this kind of
help on, please forwrd it. thankx.


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