On Fractals (fwd)

Subject: On Fractals (fwd)
From: KEVIN AUSTIN (KAUSTIN@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 06:04:44 EST

Date: 18 Nov 99 14:24:52 ARST
From: "Martín_Fumarola" <maralefu@usa.net>
To: cecdiscuss@concordia.ca
Subject: Re: [fractals in music]

Dear Julia,

1)do you subscr*be to the "algo-comp" list? there are plenty
of postings referred to fractals use, algorithmic composition,
etc. etc.

2)one of the most respected introductory sources I would
advise you is the "Computer Music Tutorial" by Curtis Roads
(published by the MIT Press)

3)there are some excellent articles in Spanish languague
referred to fractals and algorithmic composition techniques.
One of them by the Spaniard Miro-Charbonnier appeared in
the BOA newsletter of the AMEE in 1996. There is a very
good overview to fractals in the book "Informatica y
Electronica Musical" by Adolfo Nuñez (Spain).

Give my best to Andrei Smirnov if you see him,

Martin Fumarola

Julia Dmitrioukova <bach@cityline.ru> wrote:
> Greetings to all!
> I am a musicologist from Moscow State Conservatory (Russia).
> For my ongoing article, I am looking for information about significant
examples of using
> fractal algorithms in music of 1970-90-s. I am aware of several
> important examples in the electronic field (Austin, Dodge...) but I
> still have no an exhausting view, as well as I know almost nothing
> about examples in non-electronic instrumental music (probably Ligeti
> used fractals in some works?).
> Can anybody help me with such an information (at least to mention
> any sources of it - books, articles etc.)? Thank you in advance.
> I also would be happy to be acquainted with serious specialists (both
> musicologists and composers), who develop the area of new algorithmic
> techniques in music, such as fractals, as well as the cross-influence
> of "instrumental" and "electronic" languages in 1970-90 Western music.
> Best regards,
> Julia Dmitrioukova
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