click-free cue points (was Re: CDR ID# question)

Subject: click-free cue points (was Re: CDR ID# question)
From: Christopher DeLaurenti (
Date: Thu Nov 18 1999 - 15:29:30 EST

>No this will not work. There are still small clicks between the tracks.
>The only solution is to take programs like Jam or Masterlist.

You can circumvent such clicks by aligning your cuepoints to coincide
exactly with the 75 frame/second data blocks on compact disc. Most cd
players won't click when you cue these tracks though some transients and/or
sloppy cd players (which tend to miscue) can cause a click.

Most software won't allow you to specify cuepoints; I use Goldenhawk's DAO
for DOS (their CDRWIN for WinDoze9x probably can too).

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