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Date: Thu Nov 18 1999 - 06:11:20 EST

The letters cited appear in the SAN newsletter. Perhaps one way to
approach this (these) issue(s) is to consider the breadth of ea/cm, and
consider parts of the continuum that are under discussion.

In some circumstances, ea/cm is "simply" the support medium for the
communication of a 'musical' (or textual) message: classical recordings /
the news on the radio.

Another place on the continuum is where the medium is interactive with
the "other" message: multitrack studio recording / magazine-type radio shows.

Continuing on the continuum: ea/cm "inflects" on the message (the use of
transformations / ea/cm extensions), where the technology is part of a
historical continuum of 'new instruments building upon the old'.

Further around the spiral, one may find the apsect of interest in the
'purely' sonic.

Another layer in this spiral could also relate to the social (societal
function), with the co-existance of the kinetic/physical. A violinist
enjoys the physicality of playing the fiddle / dance music is energetic.



Not being mutualy exclusive [?!]

-- Sometimes I like to go for walks with you [listen to your heart beat]:
social / kinetic (pop / dance).

-- Sometimes I like to listen to 'what you say' (music).

-- Sometimes I like to listen to the sound of your voice (ea/cm).

And the first powderings of snow that settle. The ground has cooled. +2
ashen degrees.

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