Re: Granular Synthesis (the duo)

Subject: Re: Granular Synthesis (the duo)
From: Barry Truax (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 19:06:13 EST

  I was also at the G.S. concert in Montreal last weekend and was rather
amazed at how attentive the hundreds of young people were at this event,
presumably because of the visual element on the seven screens and the
sense that this was a "techno show".
  I couldn't tell how many of them were wearing the free EARplugs, and
although I had my own on hand ("never leave home without them"), I
appreciated a fresh pair. Not that they did much for the infrasonic
component which, sitting on the floor, we didn't have much choice about.
However, as commented on by others, it was very "clean" infrasound.
  The minimal "content" of the piece reminded me of the experimental films
we used to watch in the 60s and 70s, except for the multiple screens,
higher volumes and faster pace. We used to think of them as "mind trips"
and I guess this acts somewhat the same for these folk, with the body
massage thrown in for added stimulation.
  The only thing that bothered me was the implication of bondage with the
nude female image which occasionally surfaced. Maybe I misread it, but any
hint of misogyny I find distasteful.
  Anyway, it was interesting to see granular synthesis (both the sound and
the group) find such an audience - I keep thinking I deserve some
royalties (!) but obviously I don't own the idea.
  I'd be curious to hear about anyone who stayed for the live techno/dj
part of the late night part of the event. Thanks to ACREQ for putting this
  Barry Truax

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