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      N O V E M B E R N E W S F R O M C D C M
            Consortium to Distribute Computer Music
         CDCM Computer Music Series on Centaur Records
                 Wednesday, November 17, 1999

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        C D C M R E L E A S E S V O L U M E 2 9

                  CENTAUR RECORDS CRC 2454

              The Computer Music Studio--XIV
    "Music from VCCM: Virginia Center for Computer Music,
                  University of Virginia"

VCCM: Virginia Center for Computer Music was founded in 1988 by
Professor Judith Shatin. VCCM serves faculty, graduate students,
and undergraduate students at the University of Virginia The works
on this compact disc illustrate the focus of activity at the VCCM:
computer music composition, supported by a wide array of software
running on Macintosh, SGI, and Linux computer systems. Areas of
exploration include sound and video, real-time performance control,
and the development and employment of UNIX audio tools. HACK, a
synthesis and sound processing package for NeXT computers
developed by Pete Yadlowsky (VCCM Technical Director from 1988-
1995), was used to create several of the pieces on this CD. The
current Technical Director, David Topper, collaborates with the
Computer Music Center at Columbia University in the development of
RTcmix, a real-time version of Cmix. The VCCM staff includes Judith
Shatin, Director; Alicyn Warren, Associate Director; and David
Topper, Technical Director. Special thanks to Paul Lansky and the
Music Department at Princeton University for the use of Taplin
Auditorium and to the University of Virginia for grants supporting
this recording.

            V O L U M E 2 9 P R O G R A M

1 Judith Shatin, "Sea of Reeds" (1997) for clarinet with extensions
and live electronics; performed by F. Gerard Errante, clarinet.
Recorded at Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University, October, 1998;
Shatin, producer; James R. Moses, recording engineer; post-
production mixing by Shatin and Chris Kress at PMD Recording,
Charlottesville, Virginia.

2 John Gibson, "Thrum" (1998), computer music.

3 Michael B. Long, "there is a gray thing" (1996), computer music.

4-10 Judith Shatin, "Three Summers Heat" (1989), for soprano and
computer music in seven movements; performed by Susan Narucki,
soprano. Recorded at Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University,
August, 1998; Shatin, producer; James R. Moses, recording
engineer; post-production mixing by Shatin and James R. Moses at
Princeton University.

11 Neal Troum, "Organ Nose" (1997), computer music.

12 Brad Derrick, "Odd Waves" (1995), computer music.

13-18 Alicyn Warren, "Something Else Again" (1996), for piano and
computer music in six movements; Martin Goldray, piano. Recorded
at Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University, July, 1998; Warren,
producer; James R. Moses, recording engineer; post-production
mixing by Warren and John Gibson.



"...CDCM's electroacoustic music series is remarkable for tenacity
no less its high quality. (Vol. 1 appeared in 1988!)...Excellent
notes as usual." Fanfare

   C D C M A N N O U N C E S N E W L O W E R P R I C E S

CDCM announces new, lower prices for members of the professional
community. All CD's are now $15 USD plus shipping and handling.

To date, the CDCM Computer Music Series has released 151
recordings by 104 leading international practitioners of computer
music from North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

The critically acclaimed CDCM Computer Music Series on Centaur
Records continues with the production and release, 1988-2000, of
thirty compact disc releases, Volumes 1-30, produced and distributed
worldwide as a recorded repertoire of the best new computer music,
maintaining the highest quality performance and recording standards.
Inaugurated in 1988, this historic series of digital recordings of
significant computer music compositions created by composers
affiliated with major computer music centers and/or working
independently. The Series presents a wide range of styles and
mediums, performed by distinguished ensembles and soloists and
produced and engineered with great care and musical integrity. Four
distinctive Series themes are presented: "The Computer Music
Studio" (Vols. 1-9, 17, 20, 26, 27, 29, 30), "The Virtuoso in the
Computer Age--I-V" (Vols. 10, 11, 13, 14,15), "The Composer in the
Computer Age--I-VIII" (Vols. 12, 16, 18, 19,22, 23, 24, 28), and "The
International Computer Music Association Commission Awards:
1992-96" (Vols. 21, 25).

"...sound quality...._Sui generis_ says it well enough." Fanfare

"...the sound and the performances are excellent." Computer Music

All prices are in US Dollars and subject to change. Please see the
CDCM web page for more information.

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