Oyvind Fahlstrom On the Air - Again!

Subject: Oyvind Fahlstrom On the Air - Again!
From: Teddy Hultberg (teddy.hultberg@stockholm.mail.telia.com)
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 07:19:52 EST

A new book on Oyvind Fahlstrom's radioart.

Oyvind Fahlstrom on the Air - Manipulating the World
by Teddy Hultberg
Birds in Sweden, The Holy Torsten Nilsson, pictures and

Hardcover 340 pages, bilingual edition Swedish/English, printed in
colour, and with 2 CD's.
Sveriges Radios förlag/Fylkingen

>From the press-release:

Today Oyvind Fahlstrom, artist, author, filmmaker, critic, is once
again the object of critical attention. The art scene
is in many respects finding its way back to the work he produced.
Fahlstrom was a pioneer in many senses. In this
new book about him and by him, the most exhaustive study of the
artist to date, Teddy Hultberg lays the emphasis
firmly on Fahlstrom's work for radio. Hultberg, a Swedish author
and music journalist, has been researching
Fahsltrom's work for several years and has assembled material from
many sources. The result are distilled in a
lengthy essay in the book.
The radio happening Birds in Sweden (1963) influenced the whole
development of text-sound composition in
Sweden. The collage-like radio serial The Holy Torsten Nilsson
(1966) presents real-life figures like politicians,
actors, and royal personages of the day caught up in a fantastic
web of intrigue, complete with international spies,
and excerpts from radio documentaries, B-films and action
Most of the material in the book has never previously been

The book can be ordered from:
Sveriges Radios forlag, SE-10510 Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: +46 8
www.sr.se/srforlag E-mail: srforlag@sr.se

Fylkingen, Box 170 44 SE-104 62 Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: +46 8
www.fylkingen.se E-mail: intermedia@fylkingen.se

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