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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Concerts in Nov.]
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 05:52:06 EST

>> Sometimes that small sound speaks truths beyond the clatter of 109 dB of
>> phase and time-aligned clatter and rumble.

>No doubt Kevin, and I've listened intensively to those records, which were a
>present from my great grandfather. But cannot we explore both extremes?


It is possible for the individual to take personal responsibility to
explore any extremes that they wish. One may tickle oneself or pummel
ones own head into a wall. This is a personal decision, based upon
knowledge of consequences, with an understanding of the impact of this
behavior upon others.

If I decide to smoke (because it is sanctioned by the government), and
there is a "free" (sic) medical system, then the government could be
understood to provide me with quadruple by-pass surgery when I am 58, and
longterm cancer treatment at 63.

Is it a desirable use of limited resources? IMO, this morning, that
depends whether you are the smoker, the surgeon, the hospital worker, the
government, the tax-payer or the daughter.

Ned comments that he wore ear-plugs. Did the member(s) of GS also wear



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