Re: [Fwd: Concerts in Nov.]

Subject: Re: [Fwd: Concerts in Nov.]
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 05:25:56 EST

AH continued (in part)

> as to the
> "society's willingness to subject itself to >deafening sounds" this does
> really exceed my comprehension

(Maybe some people are not aware of the dangers ... if the professionals
put it on, it must be safe ... otherwise they wouldn't do it.)

> ... (and
> mille mercis >to Nicolas Verin, in retrospect, for his being "freaking out
> about high levels", as >(was reported) concerning the Henry concert),
> however being, no doubt, a personal >choice...

And as I see one of the two underlying issues here, while the event
itself lasts only 2 - 3 hours and causes some degree of TTS for 48-72
hours (or longer for those who had been exposed before), another level of
the message is .. (IMO)

 "It's ok to listen to REALLY LOUD sounds through my headphones, because
this recreates the sonic ambiance (sic) of the event that professionals
are putting on (funded by government bodies), for which they have sold me
a ticket."

Question ... If group XY plays or produces an event with sustained levels
in excess of 126 dB (as reported), how is it possible to explain to a 15
year old that s/he is inflicting damage upon themself by doing it all the
time. How many smokers in ea/cm provide cigarettes to their children.
(There was also beer and smoking at the event so it probably doesn't apply
to 15 year olds, since they have no access to alcohol or tobacco.)



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