cinnamon sphere performances, japan

Subject: cinnamon sphere performances, japan
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Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 21:26:38 EST

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Chung Gong Ha * Nilan Perera * Sarah Peebles

Korean-influenced calligraphy performance and soundscape:
Cinematic, Ritual Performance for the Eyes and Ears

1999 Japan Tour

Nov. 30 (Tuesday) Kobe International Modern Music Festival, XEBEC Studio.
7-2-1 Minatojimanakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe. Tel. XEBEC Corporation at
(078) 303-5600 Fax (078) 303-4632 e-mail:

Dec. 4 (Saturday) Kokush˘-ji, Agui-Cho (40 minutes outside Nagoya),
with special guest Yano Shiku S˘ry˘, shakuhachi.
Dec. 12 (Sunday) Space Alta, Yokohama, with special guest Ishikawa K˘, sh˘.
2-8-4, Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama; Tel. (045) 472-6349 Fax (045) 472-5029

Calligraphy performance, prepared electric guitar, and sampled insects, fire and birds, create an evocative, hypnotic mixture of aural textures, light and motion.
Toronto's dynamic mixed media trio:

Chung Gong Ha brush art performance
Nilan Perera prepared electric guitar, effects
Sarah Peebles computer-assisted performance, shoh (Japanese mouth-organ)

     "The most unique and fascinating show we saw all year." - Eye Weekly, Toronto

     "One of the most exciting, well-attended and well-received events that we have done
      in many years." - Art Gallery of Ontario

See biographies, pictures and info on the Web at

Audio and visual materials available upon request.

S A R A H P E E B L E S *

 S t u d i o * E x c e l o
time-based art with a creamy filling
 C i n n a m o n S p h e r e
Cinematic, Ritual Performance for the Eyes and Ears
(Chung Gong Ha, Nilan Perera, Sarah Peebles)

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