I've got a CD too!

Subject: I've got a CD too!
From: Audiochrom@aol.com
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 17:42:55 EST

I might as well make my CD known to the list.
You might want to check out the publication "Wind & Wire"
* Wind & Wire Review - Unit 28: Blue Motion
Larry Kucharz
Unit 28: Blue Motion
International Audiochrome (1999)
Electronic music pioneer Larry Kucharz takes a semi U-turn on his latest CD, U
nit 28:Blue Motion. On several cuts, he continues to explore the
slowly-shifting washes and chords of his minimalist works Unit 25: Dark Red an
d Electrochoral Dreams. However, most of his newest release concentrates on
an expression of rhythm without percussive effects. He achieves this through
the rapid repetition (via looping) of EM notes and chords. While the music
strays from the neo-classic beauty of his last two CD’s, there is a strange
wonderment here as well.

Once again, headphones are highly recommended to appreciate the wizardry
taking place in the endineering of the CD. At times, I had to take the
phones off because the recording’s depth of field (for lack of a better term)
makes it seem like the music is everywhere (in effect, the headphones

The first song, “electric blue”, is more like his recent work (as such, it’s
elegantly beautiful). It’s with “steel blue” that things start to hum, with
the ebbing and flowing of the same rapid fire notes at various pitches and
octaves, sometimes alone and sometimes together. The next song, “mendelssohn
blue”, is a little slower paced and I like it a lot. There is a warmth in
Larry’s keyboards, although I can’t pinpoint where it comes from. This
music, by it’s very nature, could sound cold and sterile or mechanistic.
While I don’t deny that there is an element of that to it, the rich sonic
timbre of the synths themselves bring more than a little humanity into the

As I said, not everything on Unit 28:Blue Motion is (to use Larry’s words)
“techno without drums.” “choral blue is a lovely drifting minimalistic
piece. But the real fun here is in songs like “for terry riley blue”,
“turquoise blue” (which is really cool futuristic sounding music) and the
quasi-organ sounding “topaz blue.” Honestly, the whole CD had an
intoxicating allure for me. Once I submerged myself into this unique
recording, it’s pleasures unfolded like a straightened Moebius strip. Larry
Kucharz has once again shown that he is an artist of uncompromising
individuality and possessed of a startlingly unique vission. -Bill
Binkleman- Wind and Wire:
available from BACKROADS MUSIC toll free (800) 767-4748
email: backroad@well.com website: backroadsmusic.com
Visit the International Audiochrome Website at
Now available:
“DigiChoral Blue Portraits” the New Electrochoral CD

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