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Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 15:08:10 EST

Rosemary Mountain wrote (in response to Ian Chuprun) :

>>[...]regarding the successful relationships between the video and sound.

>With such volume levels, the importance of accompanying visuals
>becomes perhaps more critical, as we lose the ability to hear?

I do not completely agree, for in the more rare cases I did attend them so far I did
also find the combination of sound&image in this kind of representation sometimes
being extremely successful. However, considering the much greater differentiation
capacity of the human auditory system compared to the visual one : why not taking use
of this advantage by means of an overall dynamic level more likely to being
differentiated -- for, as experience is telling, the "big" sounds are not to a small
extent masking the "small" ones : so what to expect from those "mega" ones... ?
(except to the damage ;-).
To John Oliver : I did once listen (to the first minutes...) of a performance by
Granular Synthesis, yet did leave for I do not get my auditory satisfaction from
extremely high levels... ; as to the "society's willingness to subject itself to
deafening sounds" this does really exceed my comprehension as so many people yet seem
to care about gene-manipulated food, radiation, etc., since, to my modest part, this
(voluntarily) "deaf-but-healthy" attitude doesn't make any sense... (and mille mercis
to Nicolas Verin, in retrospect, for his being "freaking out about high levels", as
(was reported) concerning the Henry concert), however being, no doubt, a personal
Alexandra Hettergott.

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