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Subject: Re: Canadian concert
From: Chris Rolfe (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 00:19:23 EST

The diffusions Simon Emmerson announced are being realized with Third Monk
Software's ABControl program, which handles spatialization and mixer
control of the AudioBox. Several of the pieces were part of a Bannf
workshop in October in which the composers and myself worked to extend live
diffusion control.

Of particular interest, I believe, is David Eagle's Prelude, in which the
performer controls the diffusion during the performance. Unlike manual
diffusion, the automation and high-level MIDI control we designed let's
David control patterns and gestures during the performance. The aXiĜ
simultaneously controls the sound production, AND, the sound localization.

I believe the concert will be of great interest to anyone working in
multi-channel audio, and look forward to any feedback on technical aspects.


Chris Rolfe

>City University, London
>Electroacoustic concert series 1999-2000
>Concert 1: 16th November 1999
>7pm Performance Area
>Sound Travels
>A diverse program of Canadian electroacoustic music created for 8 X 8
>diffusion using the Richmond Sound Design Audiobox directed by Darren
>Copeland. Including a new work by Matt Rogalsky.
>Sarah Peebles - Where the Wild Things Went
>David Berezan - Unheard Voices, Ancient Spaces
>Wende Bartley - DreamSpin
>David Eagle - Prelude for aXiĜ with AudioBox
>Matt Rogalsky - Tudor Loops
>All welcome!
>Seats bookable: 0171-477-8284
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>Reader in Music *
>City University *
>Northampton Square *
>London EC1V 0HB UK *
>Tel. +171-477-8273 *
>Fax. +171-477-8576 *
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