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Subject: [Fwd: Octagon Ambisonic Room]
From: Ian Chuprun (ianc@sympatico.ca)
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 22:15:18 EST

Hey Dave,

look what I found coming from the Sonic Arts Network list. And all about a guy
from your own neighbourhood too!


attached mail follows:

Interested in ambisonics/surround sound technologies? LMCSound invites
anyone interested in the current developments in ambisonics to come and
visit the Octagon Ambisonic Room on the evening of Wednesday 17th November
- call 0181 671 6767 for more details. Darren Copland - Canadian Composer -
a member of 'New Adventures in Sound' is giving a talk on the strategies
and issues of diffusing electro acoustic music in multi chanel formats -
including demonstration of work using the 8 channel Richmond Sound Design
AudioBox and ABControl software in the Octagon Ambisonic Room at the Ground
Floor, 130 Brixton Hill London SW2 1AH.

Rachel Spencer
Sonic Arts Network
The Jerwood Space
171 Union Street
London SE1 0LN
T: 0171 928 7337 F: 0171 928 7338
W: http://www.sonicartsnetwork.org

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