Re: Loud Sounds

Subject: Re: Loud Sounds
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 06:18:12 EST

>At 10:38 AM 11/14/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>I have clearly got it wrong about loud sounds at concerts. A number of
>>private emails have set me straight on my being out-of-date regarding
>>exposure to high SPLs.
>>As one person indicated clearly to me, I should have been more concerned
>>about the effects of smoking at the event.
>Huh? What? A Kevin post without emoticons or weather reports? What can this
>mean? Do we have quiet irony here? Please do go on!


I fear that you clearly have the better of me, and I doff my hat to the
remarkable quickness of your mind. You have found me out, but please,
please, for the sake of my reputation, my family name, and, my children's
chances of success in this oh so cruel and un-caring world, please, don't
tell others.

What can this mean ... oh! Sir ... a thought that plagues my every moment
of existence in this dark, tumultuous passage passage from birth to
eternal darkness.

I feel that, like the mourning's leaden clouds and ice-pricking wind, the
dawn-breaking vista of a sun rising is the portent of another day of
ultimate loss ... for the old riddle ... "What is it that is born every
night, and dies every day?" ... I have never, ever, nor ever will be
capable of quiet irony. I sincerely, and very gratefully, with grateful
appreciation, with sincere appreciative gratutude, in appreciatively
grateful sincerity of thanks, thank you for having allowed me to release
a small portion of the burden of universal pain that forever bends my
shoulders, and causes my knees to ache.

Mein junges leben hat ein ende ... or words to that effect.

My life passes from on from here, and I hope to no longer bother you in
my anecdotage.



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