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Subject: Re: Assistance on multi-channel ... (fwd)
From: Per Buhl Acs (
Date: Sun Nov 14 1999 - 14:32:39 EST

Hi Dave
Check out Digidesigns new "Digi 001"
might be the the thing for you !
optical in/out 8 trk adat
8 in/out analog
the "but" is so far it only
runs with the "Pro Tools LE"
but the price is good around 800 .
Per Buhl Acs


> Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 10:01:01 -0400
> To:
> From: (dave solursh)
> Hay Folkes, I have the bug. Everything that I have ever made has
> been made for STEREO ahhhh. Well I would love to create some sound for
> eight channels. So I have a few questions: The first, where can I find
> info on eight channel sound, web sites ect..... Also what is the speaker
> condiguation? One facing north, west, east, south, and NE, NW, SE,
> SW?????? Are all speakers equidistant from the listener?
> What soft ware is out there to help create such a piece? I am
> imagining that You use a multi channel program like Protools and assign a
> track to a speaker. I guess you could also do it analog, what's alalog
> again =-)
> I am hoping to get a sound card the lets me have eight outputs soon
> and will work with protools and Cuebase, So I guess I can master out to
> ADAT or Tascam for diffusion purposes.
> Oh yah if I am getting this card I will be selling off a
> MAC8100/100av with an AudioMedia2 card and opcode 2in32out midi box, anyone
> interested please respond off list to me privately.
> Thankx in advance for any help I can't wait to get started. Dave.
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