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Date: Sun Nov 14 1999 - 12:18:30 EST

Don't get me wrong! My recourse to ear plugs is not a desirable situation.
It reavealed details simply because (I theorize) Henry was mixing through
the "virtual ear - plugs" of somone who has spent a lifetime exposing
himself to high volume levels rather than deliberately trying to
bludgeon the audience out of some volume fetish. Some people I talked to
(also professionals - and presumably slightly deaf) commented on the great
sound system, and in particular the clarity of the system, something I
could not appreciate because it was overloading my delicate lugholes. With
the artificial deafness of ear plugs I was able to get a sense of what was
going on and what Henry himself was probably hearing.
(On a personal level I always think there is somthing rather fascist about
extreme volume, the ego of the composer attempting to assert itself by
brute force and drowning out all dissenting voices (on the other hand
this may be a battle of the cerebral vs the physical in which I like to
let the cerebral win - where is my analyst when I need him?? ))


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> >The last Henry gig I went to was also excessively load. Cotton wool in the
> >ears revealed a level of detail I was unable to appreciate with the naked
> >ear. I struck me that he is probably suffering some hearing loss and my
> >experience with ear plugs is more "authentic" to what he was hearing at
> >the desk!
> Hmmmmmm .... if your 6 year old daughter were at the event, would you
> allow her to sit near the louderspeakers?
> Best
> Kevin

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