wireless speakers?

Subject: wireless speakers?
From: Larry Austin (austin@sndart.cemi.unt.edu)
Date: Sat Nov 13 1999 - 14:43:56 EST


I am looking/listening for a set of wireless
speakers for 5.1 and octophonic setups for
home studio use in a fairly large space
(6 meters wide by 7 meters long by 4 meters high).

For instance, Sony model SA-IF70 utilizes
infrared light instead of speaker wire, is 8 ohms,
25watts/channel, and from 60 to 20,000Hz
0.9% THD. I'd like more power and slightly
larger speakers.

Does anyone out there have experience and
reasonably good performance from eithe these
Sony speakers and/or other types of wireless

Thanks much.

Larry Austin

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