Re: CDR ID# question

Subject: Re: CDR ID# question
From: Thomas Gerwin (
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 10:21:48 EST

One very simple possibility is that you divide your long piece into the
parts where you want to have a track on your music editing program - and than
put these pieces onto the CD list and let them play without any
pause. You can manage the length of pauses on the table list.

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Nye Parry schrieb: > > Howdy, > Toast won't do it! This is because (even if you cilck on write disk) it > writes in track at once mode. You need software that supports disk at once > (ie the laser stays active all the way through the disk with no breaks. > Adaptec Jam (from the makers of toast) will do it or masterlist CD from > Digidesign) Why the toast manual doesn't tell you this is anyones guess!! > Jam (which I use) lets you use Sound designer regions as tracks and even > set crossfades between tracks. (check that your burner supports disk at > once, if not you're sunk but they pretty much all do now). Disk at once is > best for audio cd's anyway, especially if you want to use them as a master > for duplication. > Nye > > On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, dave solursh wrote: > > > Howdy Y'all, I am curious how one might put several ID markings along one > > pice of music on a CDR. What am I trying to say? I want to be ablt to have > > markers that I can jump to all along a long piece of music that I am > > working on, instead of having #1 at the beggining and #2 at the beggining > > of the next song. I want #1 through #10 on the first song. I am using > > toast, and will go and look to see if I can figure it out in the help > > section if there is one, but I enjoy getting help from thoughs who have > > experince. Will toast work, or (oh man) do I need a new software. Thanks, > > Little Dave. > > > > LITTLE DAVE 0 0 > > / > > (----) > > \/ > > > > > > > > Nye Parry > City University & > Guildhall School of Music and Drama >

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