ACREQ-Apocalypse-Stop this

Subject: ACREQ-Apocalypse-Stop this
From: Alain Thibault (thibaul@CAM.ORG)
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 00:01:06 EST

It is really incredible how a false rumour can trigger such a reaction.

Nicolas Verin's interpretation of Apocalypse was way too soft to most of
the taste of the audience. But it was a very interesting way of
interpreting it. It was a soft Apocalypse (if it happens like that it is
going to be quite cool) and I really appreciated it. We even got a great
review by the journalist (which is an instrumental composer, and you know
how they hate loud music) of Le Devoir.

BTW in a conversation, Nicolas Verin told me that he is really freaking out
about high levels. When his students do a concert he admitted that he is
always standing beside the concole to lower the volume.

So, next time, check your sources more than twice before sending false
rumours. PLEASE, come to our concerts to check by yourself at least the
quality of our sound installation and the care and the heart we put, all
our crew, into these concerts.

Alain Thibault

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