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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Concerts in Nov.]
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 21:08:12 EST

Hes not teaming up with techno guys...
it seems that some of the artist on a particular label called Ninja Tune
(which technically is not a techno label but more of a label dedicated
to down tempo and drum and bass both of which are not techno)
claim that Pierre Henry is a huge influence on their music.
So they did a remix project of some of his stuff, this did not require
him to work with them at all. But rather his permission to do a
plundering of his work.


Carlos Palombini wrote:

> As to Pierre Henry, he's been teaming up with techno guys, which may explain why
> his acoustic levels are not exactly the same as those of the concert going Enough


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