concert- montreal- 14 novembre

Subject: concert- montreal- 14 novembre
From: Ian STEWART (stewart@Math.McGill.CA)
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 19:55:27 EST

For those who will be in Montreal this weekend,
        There will be a concert of electroacoustic and mixed media works this
Sunday afternoon (November 14th) at 15h00 in Pollack Hall, 555 Sherbrooke
St W, Montreal. The programme includes a multichannel work by invited
guest Barry Truax, North American premieres of works by Daniel Teruggi and
Ricardo Miro, Steve Reich's Pendulum Music, a piece for amplified
brainwaves and drummer marionettes by Alvin Lucier, and two works by
McGill university composers. The concert is presented by McGill's Group
of the Electronic Music Studio. Admission is $5. After the concert, there
will be a cd launch of the new "Vox Machina" disc produced by the Group of
the Electronic Music Studio. Wine and cheese will be served. The complete
programme is as follows:

Steve Reich (b 1936) - "Pendulum Music" (1968)
 -for microphones and loudspeakers

Barry Truax (b 1947) - "Sequence of Earlier Heaven" (1998)
 -for eight channel tape

Daniel Teruggi (b 1952) - "Crystal - Mirage" (1998)
 -for piano (performed by alcides lanza) and tape
 -North American premiere

Alvin Lucier (b 1931) - "Music for Solo Performer" (1965)
 -music for enormously amplified brainwaves and percussion
 -incorporates Maxime Rioux's "Automates Ki"


Ricardo Perez Miro (b 1952) - "Entre la noche y el ociano" (1999)
 -for tape

Chris Ledroit - "(Un)Natural (Dis)Integration" (1999)
 -for tape and two percussionists

Ian Knopke/Michael Gurevich/Robin Davies/Michal Seta "untitled" (1999)
 -a collaborative work featuring virtual instruments

        Ian S

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