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Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 12:01:53 EST

> I'd be interested to know people's views on the volume level issue. I, too,
> heard Pierre Henry (in London) and found it excrutiatingly loud.

I missed the Henry concert here in Montreal, but attended the next day's
festivities as ACREQ put on a video-ea/techno extravaganza; part of Elektra.

I was a tad late, and due to the massive attendance (I'd say more than 300
people) had to stand behind the speaker configuration, at the back of the Usine
C main hall, where the soundboard was. From this vantage point I could watch the
spectacular 5 screen video set-up, hear the music quite well, and witness the
responses (actually lack of response) of people who were literally standing
inside the speakers. (Maybe these people were deaf, and were enjoying the
significant vibratory effect of megawatts of power.)

The show was booked as a free event, and seemed to be a hybrid of 'art' and
'techno' sensibilities, with works by electroacoustic composers who freely walk
the ground between these two forms. The ages of those in attendance appeared to
range from less than 18 to over 50, but with the quantity curve bunched up
around the younger side of the scale.

The evening moved from predominantly the arty (non-realtime creation?) side of
things (where people stood/sat and listened/watched) to a 30 minute 'chill'
(live video/ea processing?) bridge (where people could chat easily) to the
harder techno (live electronics?) arena (where people danced while (not?)
watching the video screens).

While I am sure the issues of loudness, smoke, youth, beer, attendance numbers,
and super high-tech presentations will preoccupy many, I came away with much to
chew on regarding the successful relationships between the video and sound.

I hope to hear/see more.


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Ian Chuprun

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