did I hear you right?

Subject: did I hear you right?
From: Elainie Lillios (elillios@unt.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 10:51:56 EST

Hi Dugal and all!

I do agree with you, Dugal, but perhaps we are missing one additional
reason.. Maybe Henry's hearing has deteriorated (mostly) due to age
and/or (secondarily) years of audio exposure and no one has the courage to
tell him to turn it down?

eh? :-)


On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, DC Mckinnon wrote:

> I think Pierre Henry is an interesting and possibly anomalous example of
> "amplitude terrorism" within the "EA" genre for reasons that have nothing
> to do with his music itself and everyhting to do with the post-x,
> alt-x, electronica crowd he seems to have become the darling of - at least
> here in the UK. When alt-culture is at play it seems, still, that louder
> is better, that loud = a challenge to the legit musical institution. So
> does this mean that by playing his stuff loud Henry is wooing a
> particular audience? Exhibiting the right signs to satisfy the alt-crowd
> code? It does seem to me that this is one socio-function of
> amplitude. At the other other end of the decibel scale the music of
> someone like Helmut Lachenmannn makes a similarly anti-institutional
> statement by creeping towards the threshold of inaudibility. The
> difference between the two being that loudness has become an institution
> in itself. Welcome to the church of latterday rock'n'roll Mr Henry.
> Dugal
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> Dugal McKinnon
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