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<< Having just started a section on amplitude induced
hearing loss in the classes, it may be time to reopen the discussion
on this topic? Anyone?
That's a serious question:

Many years ago when I was working at home, I injured my ears while wearing
head phones. I was careful to not have the volume too high, but worked
steadily for 3 or 4 hours while my children were sleeping.

When I took off the head phones, my ears were not the same, damaged forever!

There was white noise in the music & evidently inaudible high frequencies
which did the damage.
I have noticed that a few colleagues who are heavy into electronic music plus
live performance keep saying, "What did you say?" A lot.
And what is the effect of the magnetic field on our bodies? Who knows that

I read somewhere that we have a higher rate of Alzheimer's, before that
Any statistics?

Vivian Adelberg Rudow

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