Re: to MD or not to MD?

Subject: Re: to MD or not to MD?
From: Roald Baudoux (
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 05:45:15 EST

dave solursh dit Re: to MD or not to MD?.
[1999/11/10Wed 12:03]

> Hay Ross, my experience with DAT VS MD is little but I did hear a few
> differences and have been grappling with the same question. In the ideal
> world I would own one of each (Well maybe 10 of each) but I have had to
> make a choice of one for the moment. I chose to go DAT for a few reasons,
> the BIGGEST is because I wanted to have Balanced XLR inputs for my mic,
> and
> I couldn't find one portable MD with XLR.

There is now a Marantz MD portable recorder with XLR ins and a digital
output. But the price is almost the same as the price of a portable DAT
recorder like the Tascam DAP-1 I guess.

Roald Baudoux

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