Re: to MD or not to MD?

Subject: Re: to MD or not to MD?
From: Jean-Marc Pelletier (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 07:39:38 EST

I own a Sony MZ-R5ST (I wonder who's the marketing genius who came up with
that one).
The big advantage with this particular model is that it is made up of both a
walkman and a docking station.

The docking station gives you RCA inputs and outputs, not one but two
optical inputs and one optical out. It also allows you do edit your recorded
MD, which is great for archival purposes.

However, while fairly small the docking station isn't exactly portable, but
it's great for studio use.

I have used the walkman extensively for outdoors recording, and I find the
MD format much handier for this particular use than the DAT, not to mention
a much longer battery life, over 3 hours of recording time with the supplied
lithium ion battery.

As for the sound quality, my monitoring facilities here do not allow me to
make a really valid judgement, but it's certainly not MP3! As a matter of
fact I think one whould worry more about the mini RCA mic in on the walkman
(and the mic you attach to it) than the compression.

I bought my unit here in Japan, and even though it was on sale at regular
price it is still noticeably cheaper than the least expensive Sony DAT

Hope this helps.

Jean-Marc Pelletier
Director electroacoustic studios and computer music facilities,
Nanto junior high school

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Date: November 10, 1999 8:56 PM
Subject: Re: to MD or not to MD?

>--- Ross Bencina <> wrote:
>> Would I be fooling myself to think that a MiniDisk could in any way
>> shape or
>> form replace a DAT? Has the sound/compression quality of MiniDisk
>> improved
>> at all over the last few years, or is it intrinsically incompatible
>> with the
>> broadband requirements of ea?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Ross.
>Also, does anyone know of a model of portable MD recorder that has
>inputs superior to the stereo mini jack that most of them seem to
>have--an RCA pair, or something?
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