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What follows is a severly edited version of the latest Splendid. Two reviews...


Splendid E-Zine wrote:

> SPLENDID...Week of November 8, 1999
> Soundclips from all artists, as well as label contact
> information (where available), can be found on the Splendid
> website:
> Much of the music reviewed here can be purchased from
> Insound --
> Robert Normandeau / Lieux inouï / empreintes DIGITALes (CD)
> Last week George reviewed a CD of Normandeau's recent
> compositions. This week we take a peek into his past with
> Lieux inouïs (Unheard-of places), a CD of five electronic
> works from the mid-to-late 1980s. Much of Normandeau's music
> falls into the "acousmatic" genre. Roughly, acousmatic music
> is electronic music that seperates sounds from their
> sources, and often exploits sounds for their inherently
> interesting qualities rather than any symbolic or narrative
> meaning they might have. In Normandeau's sound-world this
> means that we're treated to a wide range of sounds, from
> processed choirs to chugging trains to bleep-bloop
> electronics to slamming doors and bouncing balls.
> "Rumeurs" (Rumors) is a light, fluid piece that plays with
> organic sounds that are just on the edge of recognizability.
> "Matrechka" is full of darker and more electronic sounds,
> which are constantly evolving. "Mémoires Vives" takes
> existing requiems (from Ockegham, Gilles, Berlioz, Mozart,
> etc.) as its starting point, and subtly weaves them into an
> ethereal, mysterious new requiem. "Jeu" (game or play)
> explores some of the many uses of the french word "Jeu".
> It's similar to "Rumeurs" in that it's a mix of many
> recorded sounds presented in such a way that you're never
> quite sure what you're listening to. The final piece, "Le
> Cap de la Tourmente" is again darkly electronic -- I imagine
> it as the sound of someone pounding slowly on a huge
> electronic metal barrel.
> Normandeau has a very good ear for finding interesting
> sounds and then figuring out how to combine them
> effectively, and the compositions on this CD never get
> bogged down in the electro-murkiness or
> loooooooooooooooooong time scales that sometimes turn people
> off to this sort of electronic music. It's a fine disc pour
> le novice ou l'expert. -- Irving Bellemead
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> AT A GLANCE (our weekly collection of shorter reviews)
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> Roxanne Turcotte / Amore! / empreintes DIGITALes (CD)
> Turcotte spins an impressionistic love story with voices,
> sound effects, samples and rhythms, based upon Roland
> Barthes' book A Lover's Discourse. Newcomers to
> electroacoustic music may find Amore particularly appealing;
> it uses many identifiable, untreated "real world" sounds and
> employs a more structured, linear narrative than other
> empreintes DIGITALes releases, grounding even its most
> experimental moments in comforting familiarity. It's still a
> lot of fun -- especially the conversational "T'es le fun
> telephone." -- gz

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