Re: M1

Subject: Re: M1
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Sat Nov 06 1999 - 20:59:35 EST

Neil Wiernik wrote:

> Sensoria artist "naw" (aka Neil Wiernik) will be appearing at M1 on
> Saturday November 13th from 5 to 6pm.

Congratulations. May I ask, "What is a 'sensoria artist'?"

> This will be the first of a number
> of planned live pas

...also, what is a (are?) "pas"?

> The boys from Technologix have been worrying hard to put together a 57
> hour even that includes 57 DJs and live pas., "live pas" as opposed to " 'dead' pas"??? don't mean that...but

what do you mean?

> PS the next live pa, now it's "pa", not "pas"....

> for "naw" will take place on Saturday November 20th
> at the next Technot event featuring Stuart Walker and Unit. I will post
> more information about this event as soon as the Technot guys give it to me.


Larry n'Austin pas!

p.s. Just some Sat. night fun...and have some at your events.

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