Re: RTQ?

Subject: Re: RTQ?
From: matt kober (
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 11:52:15 EST

--- KEVIN AUSTIN <> wrote:
> >>For many who teach,
> >>the most important words (after "Have a nice summer!" -- oooops, how
> did
> >>_that_ get in here??) in the teachers' vocabulary are RTQ (also LTTI
> and
> >>TIIAR -- but these are administrative commands).
> >
> >Please expand the acronyms Kevin, I'm busy trying to learn about how
> >teachers develop at the moment!
> RTQ -- Read the Question
> LTTI -- Listen to the instructor
> TIIAR -- The instructor is always right

Those of us fortunate enough to be studying under Prof. Austin are trying
to forge our own battery of acronyms. God knows I hear the above enough
to drive me silly...

so far..

QTA -- Question the Answer

WYLTTG -- Would You Listen to This Guy!?!

TIMBOS -- The Instructor Must Be On Something...

nyuck, nyuck..



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