Re: Oops!

Subject: Re: Oops!
From: Kevin Busby (
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 10:06:57 EST

James W. Beauchamp wrote:

> With my (Unix) mail program, if I hit 'r' it mails to (in this case)
> CECDISCUSS. However, if I hit 'R', it mails to the original sender.
> So give a thumbs-up to good old ordinary Unix mail

Yes, that's a typical default of email programs (Eudora and OE on the Mac:
Cmd-R to reply to sender, Shift-Cmd-R to Reply to All).

Charlie Richmond wrote:

> Please don't - it's normal for a list to use this in the header and list
> aware people know to reply directly when necessary.

OK, it's normal on some lists and not on others. But many list-aware people
here get caught out by it, no matter how list-aware they may be.

Anyway, I'll stop flogging this dead horse (or is it a herd of dead
horses... where's that shift key...).

Kevin B

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