Re: Oops!

Subject: Re: Oops!
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 06:44:09 EST

hmmmmmmmm.... rf!

>Actually, _mea_ culpa, because my preceding email also went to the list. But
>the culpa really belongs to that notorious "Reply-to:
>" line! Any chance of this troublesome header being
>removed, Kevin?

There are those who have difficulty with the phases of the moon. <<8-()>>>

Yesterday, there were at least five 'ooops' type messages. Each provided
many people with deeper insight into aspects of human nature, the human
mind and behavior, and the frailty which is all of us. For many who teach,
the most important words (after "Have a nice summer!" -- oooops, how did
_that_ get in here??) in the teachers' vocabulary are RTQ (also LTTI and
TIIAR -- but these are administrative commands).

I agree with you that Reply-to is a 'notorious' command. Her notoriety is
luminously manifest throughout, but I am reminded of the function of the
grain of sand in the oyster: many gems and pure pearls of wisdom, truth
and enlightenment have been produced by this 'troublesome' configuration.

I find many truths, and much wisdom springs from the occasional annoyance
caused by this situation ... the only way to polish something is by the
use of a mild abbrasive. We frequently shine.

Or that's how it is today, here with 30-60 km winds, the sun up for 45
minutes, 3 degrees, and greyed branches settling in for a cold winter.
(Still a resistent group of yellow maple leaves tenaciously only on the
lower branches of a 16 meter maple tree behind. (The squirrels ate all of
the pumpkin seeds in less than 24 hours!))



PS A whole _pile_ of ea/cm/mt concerts in Montreal in the next 2 weeks
... a cornucopia of acosmosantics.

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