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Subject: Re: sndan
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 15:13:55 EST

Kevin Busby wrote:

> Hi Larry,
> I was wondering how you were doing. Hope all is well.

Doing well, thank you. October was a busy month of travel
and performances in Rome and the US. I have a Bourges
commission to complete my new realization and variations
on John Cage's "Williams Mix", the first octophonic,
surround-sound tape piece. Involves analysis, research, and
designing what I'm calling a Williams [re]Mix[er], a real-time
octophonic realizer. Also looking to finish my "Ottuplo" for
real and virtual string quartet...on a commission from the
London-based Smith Quartet. This hopefully will involve
a week in the UK, mainly in London...and/or York...and(?)
Birmingham, hopefully this January or February, 2000.

Look for Michael Thompson next week, who is coming to
Birmingham for his Bourges residency, as I'm sure you know.
He's a whiz of a programmer, composer, and all-around
tech guy.

> & since you asked: did Jim get back to you re SNDAN for the O2? Not that our
> O2 gets much use with all these Pro Tools systems!

Yes, his response is below.

>Can I download SNDAN for my SGI O2 with IRIX 6.5.4?

>Absolutely. Instructions are at
> It works on SGI O2,
>Linux, NeXTStep, etc.


All best to you, Jonty and the beasts


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