Musica Nova Playlist for October 1999

Subject: Musica Nova Playlist for October 1999
From: Andrew Czink (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 13:41:20 EST

October 13, 1999

Paquet, Renaud Fresh Meat Freedom Radio
Zibens, Mara
Whiteout Presence 1/CEC
Irgens-Moller, Christer Assemblage
Skraep/Olufsen Records
Harley, James
Voyage Presence 1/CEC
Lam, Bun Ching EO-9066
Tellus 26 - Jewel Box/Harvestworks
Oliver, John
scintilla Harangue 2/earsay

October 27, 1999

Roi, Micheline Of Breath and
Touch Continuum 1/independent
Smith, Ronald Bruce Flux
Harman, Chris Paul Incidents in Transition

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