drift: sound art and acoustic ecology

Subject: drift: sound art and acoustic ecology
From: Robert H. King (sonic.drift@virgin.net)
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 18:38:23 EST

Apologies for any cross postings or forwardings by third parties.

For three days in November (12th, 13th, 14th) , Glasgow will play host to
'drift' - an imaginative, accessible and vital programme of sound art &
acoustic ecology focused installations, performance, soundwalks, audio
boat trips, talks and workshops.

The weekends participants include:
Kaffe Matthews / David Toop & Max Eastley / John Levack Drever / Michael
Prime /
Dallas Simpson / Calum Stirling /Gregg Wagstaff / Stephen Hurrel /
UK Soundscape Community / Millenium Urban Soundscape Project

Full information on all of the events and a downloadable programme (in
PDF format) are available at:


We are all very aware of images and visual culture but we should also
consider and be aware of the possibiliies of sound within different
spaces and environments, and a browse through current arts festival
guides and gallery brochures reveals an increasing use of sound within
artists work. Picking up a university prospectus reveals the emergence of
Œphonic¹ and Œsonic¹ arts courses, and Œacoustic ecology¹ conferences and
seminars are happening internationally. Sound is a living, relevant
medium and In a world of overwhelming man-made noise an understanding of
the natural soundscape and its appropriation into new sonic works is
becoming increasingly important.

Within the remit of drift and in collaboration with some innovative sound
artists I have attempted to present a diary of (free and low cost) events
that encourages your participation: come to the talks, take an audio boat
trip, visit the installations and attend the live performances and if
you¹re lucky enough to pick up a free copy of the limited pressing CD
featuring contributions from many of the artists involved in drift (to be
given away at various events), go home and immerse yourself in a new
world of sound.

I hope to see and hear you there!

Robert H. King (drift curator)

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